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Linux Training Details

Linux is an operating system. An operating system is software that manages all of the hardware resources associated with your desktop or laptop.

The Linux Introduction

  • Introduction Learning Objectives
  • Course Linux Requirements

Linux Philosophy and Concepts

  • Introduction Learning Objectives
  • Linux History
  • Linux Terminology
  • Linux Distributions

Graphical Interface

  • Introduction Learning Objectives
  • Session Management
  • Basic Operations
  • Graphical Desktop

System Configuration from the Graphical Interface

  • Introduction Learning Objectives
  • System, Display, Date and Time Settings
  • Network Manager
  • Installing and Updating Software

Finding Linux Documentation

  • Introduction Learning Objectives
  • Documentation Sources
  • The man pages
  • The -help Option and Help Command

Command Line Operations

  • Introduction Learning Objectives
  • Command Line Mode Options
  • Basic Operations
  • Working with Files
  • Searching for Files
  • Installing Software
  • Lab

File Operations

  • Introduction Learning Objectives
  • File Systems
  • File System Architecture
  • Comparing Files and File Types
  • Backing Up and Compressing Data
  • Labs

User Environment

  • Introduction Learning Objectives
  • Accounts, Users and Groups
  • Environment Variables
  • Recalling Previous Commands
  • Command Aliases
  • File Permissions

Text Editors

  • Introduction Learning Objectives
  • Basic Editors: nano and gedit
  • More Advanced Editors: vi and emacs

Local Security Principles

  • Introduction Learning Objectives
  • Understanding Linux security
  • When Are root Privileges Required?
  • sudo, Process Isolation, Limiting Hardware Access and Keeping Systems Current
  • Working with passwords
  • Securing the Boot Process and Hardware Resources

Network Operations

  • Introduction to Networking
  • Browsers
  • Transferring Files

Manipulating Text

  • cat and echo
  • Working with Large and Compressed Files
  • File Manipulation Utilities
  • grep and strings


  • Configuration
  • Printing Operations
  • Manipulating Postscript and PDF Files

Bash Shell Scripting

  • Features and Capabilities
  • Syntax
  • Constructs

Advanced Bash Scripting

  • String Manipulation
  • Boolean Expressions
  • The Case Statement
  • Looping Constructs
  • Script Debugging
  • Some Additional Useful Techniques


  • Introduction to Processes and Process Attributes
  • Listing Processes
  • Process Metrics and Process Control
  • Starting Processes in the Future

Common Applications

  • Internet Applications
  • Productivity and Development Applications
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Graphics Editors and Utilities
Study Options
Duration Level
4/6 Weeks Basic / Standard