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JavaServer Faces (JSF) is a new standard Java framework for building Web applications.It simplifies development by providing a component-centric approach to developing Java Web user interfaces.JavaServer Faces also appeals to a diverse audience of Java/Web developers.

"Corporate developers" and Web designers will find that JSF development can be as simple as dragging and dropping user interface (UI) components onto a page, while "systems developers" will find that the rich and robust JSF API offers them unsurpassed power and programming flexibility.

JSF also ensures that applications are well designed with greater maintainability by integrating the well established Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern into it's architecture.

Finally, since JSF is a Java standard developed through Java Community Process (JCP), development tools vendors are fully empowered to provide easy to use, visual, and productive develop environments for JavaServer Faces.

PrimeFaces is an open source user interface (UI) component library for JavaServer Faces (JSF) based applications, created by PrimeTek, Turkey

JSF/PrimeFaces Overview

  • Overview: Servlets, JSP, Web Apps, MVC
  • JSF 2.2 Introduction
  • Installation, Setup, Configuration, and Getting Started

JSF & ManagedBean

  • Managed Beans: Declaration and Definition
  • Managed Beans: Scope

Navigation Control

  • Introduction Navigation Control
  • Explicit Page Navigation Control

Expression Language

  • Expression Language
  • Properties Files, Messages,
  • Annotation


  • Handling GUI Events
  • Integrated Ajax Support in JSF 2
  • Validating User Data
  • Handling Variable-Length Results Data
  • Data Tables
  • Page Templating with Facelets
  • Building Composite Components
  • PrimeFaces and Custom Component Libraries: Overview, Comparisons, and Setup
  • PrimeFaces Date Input
  • PrimeFaces Versions of Standard JSF Elements
  • PrimeFaces Number Input
  • PrimeFaces String Input
  • PrimeFaces Panels
  • PrimeFaces Layout/LayoutUnit
  • PrimeFaces File Upload Download
  • PrimeFaces DataTable

Live Project

Study Options
Duration Level
4 Weeks Basic
6 Weeks Standard